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When it comes to how to do SEO keyword research, all of the tips, tricks, and ‘how-to’ articles can be overwhelming – especially for those just getting started. Learn how to easily create your first SEO keyword strategy. This guide is very beginner-friendly and doesn’t require investing in any expensive tools.

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Video Pinterest Pins are showing up more and more on Pinterest. What are the pros & cons to incorporating video pins into your Pinterest strategy?

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An easy-to-use guide for learning how to start a blog with no technical experience! This illustrative guide will help you get started with a blog in to time.
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Setup Google Analytics & Google Search Console to get valuable insights on your blog posts and pages. This is key to learning what content performs best!
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The main difference between a blog and a website, is that a website has content that is more or less set in stone. Blogs continually produce new content. Learn how to start your own blog in 2020. #buildingtheblog #bloggingforbeginners #wordpress

Every great brand should have a brand personality. That includes blogs & websites! Do you know what yours is? This article will teach you how to pick your brand personality and use it to your advantage.
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Learn the basics of what is SEO without a ton of technical jargon and discover how to do SEO the right way on your blog. From keyword research to the basics of link building, learn all you need to get started with SEO.
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Choosing blog fonts sounds simple, but beginners often choose wrong. Learn font basics so you can pick the right font for your blog or website the first time…

Learn which Wordpress plugins are must-have for your blog and which you might want based on your unique goals. Don’t make the beginner mistake of…

Personal branding is a trending topic for both bloggers and influencers, those looking to jumpstart their careers, and just about everyone in between. In this post we’ll cover a lot, including: What exactly personal branding is & why you should care Whether or not you should work on your personal brand 5 steps to getting […]